Monday, November 03, 2014

Occupy Admiralty - Nov 2

When one looks at the 1,000 tents there, there is a festive atmosphere to it.  It is hard to see how it is going to end, but I am not very optimistic.  Not when Beijing seems so determined to vilify it, and so many pro-establishment types so eager to offer their help.   

I have heard that creativity is not born of leisure and comfort.  

But rather of necessity and hardship.  There is plenty of creative tent designs.   

Lots of handicrafts and art installations. 

There is a lot of creative protests against injustice, such as the completely wrapped real estate market.  

Creative ways to teach practical English. 

It has also been said the goodness of human nature shines through adversity.  There is also plenty of evidence of that here.  Much has already been said of the discipline of the students.  Many are studying.  Many chip in tremendous effort to help them, putting up tables and chairs, tents, food and water, tutorial help, ...

A Catholic priest celebrates a mass behind a bunch of tents.  

People donate tents, food, water, their skills, their time.  

There is, however, also darkness - mainly from the anti-Occupy side.  Such as the dark corner behind a building in the park where a member of the Civic Party (who is a social worker and a member of the Election Committee representing the social welfare sector) was beaten by the police.  It looked bright and sunny when I was there on Sunday afternoon.  But in the darkness of the evening, bad things happened. 

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