Sunday, February 22, 2015

Fan Ling to Sha Tin Route

It is 21 kilometres along the bike path from Fanling KCR station to Shatin KCR station.  Almost exactly a half-marathon.  Between Fan Ling and Tai Po, the bike path runs alongside the KCR tracks. 

You get to see how the peach blossoms (桃花) are grown. 

There are no hills to climb.  But slogan demanding free elections to see. 

There are, however, two places where you have to climb up and down a footbridge to cross over to the other side of the railway tracks.  I stumbled and almost fell running up on the undulating ramp, which were there presumably to slow down the bikers when going down the ramp.  

Between Taipo and Shatin, the bike path runs alongside the To Lu Harbour and then Shing Mun River, offering wide vistas.  

And this resilient tree that holds a firm grip on the sea wall.  These "tree on rocky walls" are adaptable and tough, just like some Hong Kong people.  But it seems that we Hongkongers are getting soft these days, after many years of prosperity.  We complain a lot, and demand help.  We seem lost, and less confident that we can solve our problems ourselves.  

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