Saturday, February 28, 2015

Solar Power Coming

Preparation for this year’s "Technology Beyond Borders" service-learning projects have started in earnest.  We installed two small scale solar power systems at two schools in Rwanda.  Half a year later, they are still operating.  So we can confirm that the design works.  

This year we plan to install 45 such systems in Rwanda and another 45 in Cambodia.  Solar (photovoltaic) panels will be used to charge car batteries, and the batteries will be used to light LED lamps, charge mobile phones, and more.  

The students are now given workshops on basic electricity, solar power, and … basic electrical and mechanical skills such as sawing, deburring, … soldering, …

Many of the students, both boys and girls, have never handled a saw, a file, a clamp, …, before.  Now they do.  Many are taking to it enthusiastically.  

It is a good start.  Let us pray that our plans work out well.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like a great idea. You do a lot of volunteer work abroad which is wonderful. I am a strong believer of "Think globally, act locally. Have you considered this for Hong Kong too? Anyone who has a balcony, rooftop or even a sun facing window can deploy one, can't they? How big is it and how much space does it take? How can I buy one of these generators to install for my home on the roof top?