Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kam Tin (錦田) to Tai Po (大埔) Run

A friend took me, my wife, and my parents to buy organic produce from some weekend farmers from a farm at 謝屋村 on Kam Sheung Road.  Later we went to Kam Tin Red Brick House (錦田錦上路祠堂村紅磚屋), an interesting indoor market on Kam Sheung Road near Kam Tin, to have late lunch.  

Then I started running along Kam Sheung Road (錦上路), towards Tai Po.  Then Lam Lam Road (林錦公路).  It is only 14 kilometres, with interesting scenery along the way: farms, flower growers, rivers, tall trees lining both sides of the road, …  The one thing that was annoying was the big trucks that whizzed by me within 2 feet, because the side walk was very narrow or completely missing at some points.  

Along the way, I ran past the farm that we visited earlier in the morning.  And I recalled fondly the goat tender, with his 20+ goats that he referred to as his wives and children.  

And this goat that stared at me curiously.  

And this puppy that tried to chew my fingers, playfully.

And this morose-looking dog that would bark furiously if you so much as look at it.  

At Lam Tsuen (林村), right beside the road, is the Wishing Tree (許願樹).  It was dying from all the heavy oranges tied to lai-see (red envelopes, 紅包, 利是) that were thrown at it.  It is now forbidden to throw things at this tree.  Instead, people throw things at a fake tree.  So this one is still standing, defiantly. 

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