Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunny Bay 欣澳 to Tung Chung 東涌 Run

The run from Sunny Bay 欣澳 to Tung Chung 東涌 is shorter but less pleasant than I thought.   

I ran on Cheung Tung Road 翔東路, between the North Lantau Highway 北大嶼山公路 and the mountains.  At one point just past Yam O 陰澳, I got under a tunnel beneath the highway to get on a side road on the sea side.  It was wonderful, I can see the airplanes taking off over the sea every minute.  

But the road soon ended.  The highway passes over a small water channel.  I know there is another side road running between the highway and the sea on the other side of the water channel.  So I walked gingerly over the narrow ledge along the highway’ fence to cross over the water channel.  When I was just about reaching the other side of the water channel, another fence blocked my path completely!  I was forced to turn back.  It seems the government is determined to make it as hard as possible for the common people to enjoy the seaside. 

I was forced to get back on Cheung Tung Road, to continue on to Tung Chung.  Soon I realised that the road was rather bumpy.  I am amazed that Hong Kong builds such bad roads.  Perhaps the workers and engineers thought that their superiors would never come this way.  It is only the bikers and runners like me who will ever notice it.  There were many bikers but only one other runner on that road throughout my 2 hour run. 

At Tai Ho Bay 大蠔灣, I was at least rewarded by a nice peaceful scene.  

At Tung Chung, I bumped into an old secondary school friend and his wife.  Truly amazing.  

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