Thursday, May 07, 2015

Doha Run 2

Today I tried again, to get out of the island.  

At first, I tried to run towards the south, to cross the bridge to get to the city.  But I could not find a way around or through the construction.  So I turned north and run around the island.  

When I go to the tip of the island, I found a fish staring at me.  Perhaps it was an omen of something.  There was no where to go, so I had to turn turned back.

At least I dipped my hands into the Persian Gulf.  The water was quite warm.  

When I reached back at the construction site, I saw a mosque across a big ditch.  But there seemed to be no way to get across. 

There was a bridge over the ditch, but it did not seem passable yet.  

Doha itself seems to be one big construction site.  

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