Friday, May 29, 2015

A single mother with 7 children in a mud house

This is the newly-built house of one of the families at which we installed a solar power system.

Apparently the husband left for another woman, leaving the young mother with seven very young children.  Her mother gave her this piece of land, and her brother built her this house.  Some of the children are attending school.  The solar power system and the LED lights should be helpful for their studies, and the mother's housework. 

Inside the house, all we found was a mattress on the ground, and some clothes. 

The house was built in a typical fashion.  The frame was made of tree branches, with mud filling in as walls.  There are not even sun-dried mud bricks.  Presumably the walls will be plastered with finer mud to make it more smooth, like other houses.  

It is very hard to imagine how this family is going to make a living.  

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