Monday, May 16, 2016

Overflowing church in Kampala

I am in Uganda to meet with African Evangelical Enterprise Uganda to explore possibilities for service-learning projects.  Soon after setting things down, at around 6 PM, I went out for a walk before dinner.  This is the centre of the city, but there are not too many people on the streets, perhaps because it is Sunday.  

The streets are not as clean as those in Rwanda, but it is not too bad.  I was conscious that I was the only non-black face on the street.  Two little kids followed me for quite some time, begging.  I was not too worried, but I was too conspicuous.  Many minibuses and even more motorbike taxis approached me to solicit patronage.  

Suddenly I heard some people singing what seemed like hymns.  Soon I traced the sound to a church.  There are more than a hundred people attending outside the church, many standing on the side walk.  Evidently there were too many people who wanted to attend mass there.  

Many were quite young.  In particular, there were many young men.  That’s quit different from the situation in China, where they seems to be more older folks in the church.  

An overflowing church with many young people is a good thing. 

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