Thursday, June 02, 2016

Power Sharing in Gicaca, Kigali

The sun is so strong in Rwanda that even when upside down and facing away from the sun, the solar panels are generating enough electricity to light up a bunch of LEDs.  

It would really be illogical if we do not make use of this resource here in Rwanda.  

From the charging station where the solar panels are, we fly a cable to another house roughly 30 meters away.  

We hanged it up a tree half way through so that it does not hang too low.  

By now, the local youths are so familiar with the wiring that they can do most of the work, under supervision of my students.  

Many of them graduated from secondary school.  For a variety of reasons, they are not in university.  Jobs are hard to find here.  Hence most of them help out on their family’s farm while looking for opportunities.  

Hence they treasure the opportunity to learn about solar energy and electrical power systems.  

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