Friday, June 03, 2016

Village Living in Rwanda

This is how many of our Rwandan friends (and millions of Rwandans) live in the villages.  Even little children spend much of their time fletching water.  This girl is carrying a 5 litre can, which weights 5 kilograms, or 11 pounds.  Adults typically carry 10 litres or 20 litres.  Often they have to carry the water for 1 to 2 kilometers.  It is not fun anymore after the first 100 meters. 

Some houses are blind - having no windows - because they cannot afford to make one.  

Cassava is a staple food.  We may eat it in the form of tapioca, or “pearls” in “milk tea with pearls”.  Here they may dry it, ground it into powder, and make a cake out of it.  Or simply boil it.  

Many kitchens consist simply of a pot set over stones, fired by dried twigs.  

Some do have walk-in closets - but not the type North Americans are familiar with.  

Their lighting system may consist of one lone candle.  Their entertainment system may consists of a treasured radio, but often cannot afford the batteries to power it. 

Their bathroom may consists of 2 tooth brushes stuck in the mud wall. 

But the scenery is stunningly beautiful.  

Who would like to live here?

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