Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Aberdeen Hike

On Boxing Day, we didn’t go shopping. Instead, our family hiked from Pokfulam Reservoir (薄扶林水塘) along Hong Kong Trail Section 2 towards Peel’s Rise (貝璐道), ending in Aberdeen.  

We were rewarded abundantly.  There were lots of 大頭茶 along the way, although most of them were on the ground, apparently dropped by the recent rain. It bears a green, olive-shaped fruit before it dries up and opens like a wooden flower.  And we used to throw them at each other on our Saturday afternoon hikes while I was at Aberdeen Technical School.  

There were also some glimpses of 芒草. Very pretty back-lit by the sun. 

And the ubiquitous, nectar-filled 蜜糖花.  It looks a bit like, but is not the same as 大紅花. 

Many humongous container ships pass through the channel between Aberdeen and Lamma Island.  Each can carry tens of thousands of cargo containers.  They look more like oddly shaped moving islands than ships.  

Towards the end, we got stunning, sweeping views of Aberdeen, Ap Lei Chau Island, and the typhoon shelter in between.  I could even see a bit of Aberdeen Technical School in the distance.  For me, that was the highlight of the hike.  

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