Friday, December 23, 2016

What would Jesus say?

A leader of a major denomination of Christians in Hong Kong warned of a “breakdown of social values” revealed by independence advocacy and the Legislative Council oath-taking controversy.  He urged followers to “dispel hostility” with love.  The above I read from the South China Morning Post. 

I note that he said nothing about the cause of the wide-spread discontent with the establishment.  He said nothing about the systematic inequality in society, in voting rights, in political representation, in educational and economic opportunities.  It is obvious that he sides totally with the establishment.   

I do not believe in violence.  I do not believe people should use violent tactics to press for their demands - even when those are legitimate causes.  But to criticise people who express discontent without addressing the cause of the discontent is simply wrong.  It is like criticising people who have been robbed for cursing the robbers.  Cursing is wrong.  But it is the robbing that truly deserve condemnation.   

Perhaps Mr. K has forgotten that Jesus was staunchly opposed to the religious establishment of His time.  He was sympathetic to the poor and the oppressed.  I take note of the extravagant robe that the religious leader was clothed in.  I wonder what Jesus would have said about that.  

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