Saturday, January 14, 2017

Animals of Myanmar

I made a lot of friends in Myanmar.  People friends as well as animals.  A cute baby goat head-butted my fist on the roadside while I was waiting for a taxi to arrive. 

Two thoughtful kittens guarded one of the houses where we installed solar panels and lighting.  

A mother pig watched wearily as the lady master scooped up the piglets to be put under the little cage.  This was probably for the protection of the tiny piglets, as I watched the lady drove away a chicken harassing the piglets.  I didn’t think a chicken would harass a pig but the chicken was actually quite a bit bigger than the piglet. 

There were hundreds of ducks in a pond, quacking loudly while flocking this way and then that other way, making a racket seemingly without a purpose. 

There were, of course, a lot of chicken, cows, dogs, ….  

Especially dogs.  They normally do not bother you.  One evening I went out jogging on the campus of Dagon University and passed by at least 20 dogs without arousing their interest.  After the sun went down it became very dark.    Two dogs got up to chase me.  At first I thought they would stop when I was beyond their territory.  When they did not stop but instead started barking, I became a bit worried.  So I stopped, turned around and barked at them, even louder than whey were.  They stopped, turned around, and continued to bark - but in a way that was more like whimpering.  I continued to run, but turned toward where there were more light and people, and headed back to the dormitory where were were staying.  I forgot to take a picture of the 2 dogs. 

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