Thursday, January 12, 2017

Solar Power as SL in Myanmar

For the first time, our team is installing solar power systems in Myanmar.  In the past, we have done robotics programming, digital storytelling, and STEM.   This year, our partner, Dagon University, helped us find a village about an hour and a half by car the north east of Yangon where many families are without electrical power. 

To get to some of the houses, we often have to cross slimy gutters on rickety “bridges”.  

Our students are busy installing solar panels, indoor wiring, LED lights, …  Considering that most are not engineering students and many had not experience with hand tools prior to taking our service-learning subject, this is quite an achievement.  

We have not passed the midpoint of the 5 day service project.  We are on track to complete the installation of solar-electrical power for 24 families.  

Some houses have outdoor “bathrooms” consisting of a wooden platform, a big water pot, and a piece of soap.  A woman pointed out to us that the water was fetched from a pond behind a monastery not far away.  Our nursing instructor was quite concerned that this is also the water that is used to cook and drink, and the water looked yellowish.  We solved one problem for the family - electricity.  But we cannot do anything about the other major problem - water - at this point.  

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