Saturday, April 08, 2017

Maker Faire

I just went past a vivid demonstration that making a hand bag is such an engineering task.  It appears one has to be creative, systematic, precise, meticulous, careful and more.  

It is fun to be at the university this weekend. Minutes ago, a Primary 5 boy was describing to a big crowd the car that he helped to build, using bamboo and other materials.  Adults designed the car, of course.  But he was very proud that he did some of the cutting and assembly.  And he spoke loudly, clearly and precisely in front of the crowd.  And he is only in Primary 5.  Many university students and adults cannot do that.  

There is a fire dragon car.

Glass blowing.

Paper making with recycled paper.

Model car racing. 

I am glad to see young people making elegant structures with bamboo.  

It is encouraging to see kids using simple hand tools to assemble a train out of card boxes. 

Move the sand, the 3D computer model is changed, which is, in turn, projected onto the sand.  

There is, of course, a lot of robots and 3D printing.  There is also sewing, soldering, and a lot other exhibits and workshops. We need more of these in Hong Kong.  Not standardised tests and political propaganda.  

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