Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tsing Yi Bamboo Theatre (青衣戲棚)

My wife wanted to visit the 青衣戲棚.  So we did.  

To be honest, we only peeked into the theatre (made with bamboo) before the show started.  

Some people went there to pay their respects to Tin Hou (天后).  

Many were praying for children, wealth and status. 

We were there mainly for the street food: smelly tofu (臭豆腐) and pig intestines (豬大腸).  

Some of the food is rather delicate - and expensive.

Before getting to the theatre, we had stopped in Shum Shui Po for noodle with pork liver (豬膶麵). 

And tofu snacks.  

So it was a very food-full day.  We are happy.  

It was certainly a much more satisfying and successful project than the so called food trucks.  Why can’t the government give more room for home-grown events with true local colour to grow organically into something distinctive and attractive?  Why does it have to copy something from elsewhere and choke them with disingenuous regulations so they have no chance to succeed?  Why does it insist on demonstrating how incompetent it is, again and again?  

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