Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Ice-cream Wong (黃廣)

What is going to happen to 黃廣’s ice-cream cart?  On Sunday, it sat quietly across the street from the school which provided many of his customers.  

It was said that 黃廣 has been selling ice-cream around Shek Kip Mei for 60 years. He has long since become a fixture of the neighbourhood, a part of the lives of many generations of school children.  When he passed away several days ago, at around 102 years old, many newspapers reported his passing.  

When I went over there on Sunday to have a look, his cart cut a lonely figure in the quiet afternoon.  Passers-by’s might have thought that the owner was simply taking a break.  But the many flowers and notes gave the game away.  He is not coming back. 

A number of people came by.  A couple with a young kid stopped by, and the kid held out his hand towards the cart. The father stopped him, saying that he should show his respect toward the good man.  

Mr. Wong might not have been richer or powerful.  But it is obvious many people remember him fondly.  

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