Monday, May 01, 2017

Scenic Victoria Road

Where can you find cotton in Hong Kong?  

It turns out you can find them along Victoria Road.  I discovered that this afternoon when I ran from Causeway Bay to Aberdeen via Victoria Road.  

I got a glimpse of Green Island, the small, uninhabited island off the coast of Kennedy Town at the Western end of Hong Kong Island.  At one time, it housed an explosives depot for the government.  Not anymore.  Now it looks so peaceful and almost lonely. 

There are many tenacious banyan trees.  

Such as this one which digs its roots into the seams between the paving bricks along the sidewalk.  They just fight and fight and fight to survive and grow.  They are full of life and so hard to kill.  

Then I stumbled upon these cotton-carrying pods of the cotton tree (red silk-cotton).  

It took me a while to recognise them for what they are.  

I read that in the old days, people in southern China actually did use the silk-cotton to stuff their clothes, since cotton does not grow in southern China.  

There is also this scenic cemetery in Pokfulam.  

The cemetery is said to have good Feng-shui because it sits on a slope looking out to the sea, with low hills on both sides - making you feel like you are sitting in a comfortable armchair with a broad sweeping vista over the sea, where water symbolises wealth.  

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