Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Service-Learning USA

This is the third delegation from PolyU to come to the USA to liaise with the universities here for Service-Learning.  In 6 days, we are visiting 6 universities: University of Santa Clara, UC Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA, University of Southern California, University of Maryland and Brown.  We hope to learn from their experiences, and develop collaboration with some of them.  

In California, I was struck by signs of the social divide in American society. Near the Golden Gate Bridge, tourists watched enviably while fashionable paddle-boarders glided over the water.  

In the Bay area, a two bedroom apartment can sell for two million US dollars.  

However, next to posh hotels and office buildings in San Jose, homeless people sleep in the open in the park. 

On Sunday morning, a long line formed for free food.  

Sunday evening, at the edge of Berkeley, homeless people slept on the side walk.  On Monday morning, one was found under the national, state, and university flags flying at half-staff, presumably in remembrance of the people massacred in a church in Texas on Sunday.  

The USA is rich.  But not necessarily at peace.  

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