Saturday, July 07, 2018


While we were slogging away in Cambodia and Rwanda, our colleagues in Hong Kong have also been busy.  My friend J, in the Institute of Textile and Clothing, teaches a rather different service-learning subject, which teaches our students to use creative fashion and expressive textile arts as a caring medium.  

They work with people going through psychiatric rehabilitation.  Our students and the participants jointly create expressive fashion prototypes. 

“Emphasis is placed on using colors, textures and patterns for creating expressive textile arts designs as an interpretation of participants’ memories and personal narratives to self-discovery and healing. Through the interactive co-design process, the service participants are able to rebuild a satisfactory identity by their creative expression and their self-confidence can be further enhanced.”

I missed their opening ceremony by a few hours, having landed in Hong Kong coming back from Rwanda in the same afternoon of the opening ceremony.  I went up to see the exhibit the following day.  The photographs are very colourful and cheerful.  The fashion products are very attractive.  I understand the students and the participants have had a wonderful time working together.  

It takes a lot of planning, effort, logistic and material support to put together  The result is one of our most creative, popular and visually attractive subjects.  Well done, J.  

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