Monday, July 09, 2018

The Cross

What am I doing in Rwanda?  Service-Learning, obviously.  But there is more than that which meets the eye.  The people of Rwanda are also God’s creation, just like you and me.  In fact, God is particularly concerned with the poor and the oppressed.  When I can do my little bit to bring them electricity, so that they can cook and clean and study and have fellowship with their neighbours, I know I am serving Him and His people.  When I teach my students to care about the community and particularly the poor, even though they look differently, speak differently, and live differently, I know I am serving Him and His people.  

That is why when I met this woman who has opened up her house to serve as a charging station for her neighbours, I picked up a piece of corn stalk and made her a cross.  The cross is, of course, a symbol of Jesus Christ’ sacrifice for us human beings.  She was surprised but was also very happy with it.  I do not speak Kinyarwanda and she does not speak Chinese or English.  But we seem to understand each other quite well.  When I left her house, she came out and showed me the cross again.  

What I am doing in Rwanda is more than service-learning, even though it is very meaningful by itself.  I know I can serve God in a church in Hong Kong.  Equally I can serve Him in the slums in Cambodia.  I can also serve Him here up in the mountains  of Rwanda where the people are without electricity and running water.  

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