Sunday, October 26, 2008

Free Congee

This was my Cantonese Rice Congee 及第粥 lunch this afternoon, together with soybean milk 豆漿 and 炸兩. At 30 degree Celsius outdoors. I wouldn’t normally do it, not because I do not like congee (which I love), but because of the heat. However ...

I read about this congee shop at Oi Man Estate (愛民邨) which has been giving out free congee to the seniors - and I just have to see it for myself. I can confirm now that it is real. The owner is a real person in flesh and blood, who was washing dishes while I ate. He does not look too educated or rich, yet he is doing something that many of us can, but do not.

A lot of people have responded. Not just the old folks who come to enjoy the free congee. But also people who come to donate money, rice, dried scallops, dried meat, ..., to show support by buying his congee.

It is heart warming to see people who care, who actually does something concrete to help in a time of trouble. It has been too depressing to see so many greedy people who care only about how much money they make, how they can get their names onto papers and even buildings, how they can grab the most power, ...

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