Sunday, March 01, 2009

Losing a job

K was a highly successful manager, with hundreds of people working under him. Then he lost his job in the financial tsunami. At first he was confident of finding a comparable job. There were actually some offers. But he rejected them because those were not desirable for various reasons: too low-level, having to work in China, etc. Months went by, and still no success. Financially he was not yet desperate but it was emotionally very disconcerting. Then he broke up with his girl friend. His world was falling apart.

A friend brought him to church. In the past he would not have acquiesced. But this time, he found relief. He cried almost every time he came to church. And soon he decided to put his faith in God. He has made some new friends at church, who seem genuinely interested in him as a person, not because he was successful.

He found himself talking to his former subordinates. In the past, he commanded and scolded them, but never really talked to them. Now they have become friends. He started to spend more time with his sons, who were living with his ex-wife. He was also getting on very well with his ex-wife. He is now reading much more, and praying regularly.

He is still struggling with God. He thinks that he has learned his lesson, and he does not understand why God does not give him back a job comparable to his old one. He has so much experience and was so good at his job, that it would be a terrible waste not to have an opportunity to make use of his professional expertise.

Surely his struggle with God will continue. But all in all, he has become a better person through his ordeal. Sometimes, good things do result from undesirable events. If we can trust in God.

PS: What was that in the photo?

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