Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Hong Kong Girl in Germany

K was a student in a respectable secondary school in Shatin. Her academic results were good, although not truly exceptional. What was remarkable was her determination to learn English. By the time she graduated from secondary school she spoke fluently although there were still mistakes.

She was admitted into a program in a university in Hong Kong. Her grades were good, although not really top of the class. However, she impressed her professors not only with her fluent English, but also with her outgoing character, drive to improve herself, and curiosity. She would often engage her professors in discussing future careers, foreign places, and a variety of topics.

When her university started to offer opportunities to work as interns at overseas countries, many of her classmates hesitated. Some did not have good-enough grades. Most have not been overseas and were afraid to leave their families for an entended length of time. Some were afraid that, after deducting the expenses from the salary, they may not be able to save as much money as being an intern at a local company. But K jumped at the chance. She figured that the experience of working and living overseas would outweigh any disadvantages.

She ended up working as an intern at a company in the United Kingdom. She came back with much-improved English, of course. She also met a cute German boy over there.

K finished her bachelor’s degree and immediately went to Germany. She had to study German for a year before she could study for a master’s degree. A couple of years ago, she got her master’s degree and married her German boyfriend. Now they are living and working happily in Germany.

She was one of my favourite students.

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