Monday, May 25, 2009

Lively Students

I stayed behind after Sunday service yesterday to help two other girls with their studies. This time it was Geography, and debate!

The Geography material was a bit dense for Form 1. It was on Globalization: the attractions of South China, full factors, push factors, lax environmental control policies, low labor and land costs, measures to attract investment, reduction of taxes, energy prices, cross-border and cross-continent movements of labor, lost of manufacturing jobs in developed countries, different types of industry, production lines, etc. I am reasonably familiar with the issues and was able to give them concrete illustrations. But I don’t know how much a 13 year old can really understand.

However, the girls’ attentiveness, eagerness to learn, and joy of understanding were palpable. The whole experience was so rewarding, even intoxicating. Teaching students who appreciate their teacher is really enjoyable. It makes you forget, for a moment, the annoying, even painful side of being a teacher.

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