Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dr. K

K was studying at a school in Shatin. It is quite reputable, although not really among the elite schools in Hong Kong. She worked particularly hard on her English.

K entered one of the universities in Hong Kong. Again, a reputable one, although not the most prestigious. She was active in class, inquisitive, liked to ask questions, and engaged some of her professors in long discussions on topics outside her studies. She impressed her teachers with her efforts to improve herself and to broaden her horizon. When there was a chance to go to the United Kingdom for a year as an overseas placement student, she jumped at the chance. While some of her classmates were reluctant to leave Hong Kong for various reasons: family, the expenses, fear of the unfamiliar environment and languages, ...

K learned a lot during that year in the UK. She also met this cute guy from Germany, who was there as an intern.

K then returned to HK to finished her final year, and received her bachelor’s degree. She promptly went to Germany, and spent one year learning German. Then she applied to graduate school. Later she married her German boyfriend.

On September 11, she passed her doctoral disputation. I am so proud of Dr. K.


cane said...

You must be talking about that "K" :D. I heard that she visited HK last month?

StephenC said...

Indeed it is her. Yes, she came to my office and told me that she was going to take the exam on Sept. 11. She was in the same class as you, right?