Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tree View

A nice view, isn’t it? That was what I saw this morning, lying on my back after my run. It was a good feeling, sweating all over after the exercise, surrounded by trees and drenched by sunshine.

I was actually lying on the edge of a flower bed, right next to an elevated highway in Hung Hom. But the trees helped me to pretend I was indeed enveloped by nature. Thoughts occurred. I tried not to dwell on them, and simply let them pass, enjoying the moment. It was so relaxing I lost track of time.

In the afternoon, I have to go back to the office. To finish what I couldn't manage during the hectic week, and prepare for the coming one. But the quiet Saturday morning by myself is a good rest, something I treasure very much.


田园树 said...

hiya! i love tree too.

cane said...

I am learning Japanese now, and I would like to introduce this term to you for describing your picture :)


pronounced as "ko mo re bi" (p.s. "re" is pronounced as "le" in Japanese). It means "sunlight streaming through trees".

Take care, and see you in Oct :)

StephenC said...

Thanks. I love trees. You may remember there is a little banyan tree (weeping fig) at the window in my office. See you in October.