Saturday, October 10, 2009

辛亥革命 武昌起義

1911年10月10日革命黨人成功地發動了武昌起義。逐步使清朝走向滅亡。武昌起義結束了中國兩千年的封建帝制,建立了亞洲第一個民主共和國 — 中華民國。 是為辛亥革命。

This was the headquarters of the (Hubei Army, of the military government, of the) Republic of China - established by the revolutionaries on the day following the day of the revolution. It was formerly the consultative council of the Hubei province in the Qing Dynasty.

The 18 stars on the flag represent the 18 provinces in effect at that point.

This was a poster from the military government. It announced the revolution to overthrow the Qing Dynasty (not yet complete at that time), and to replace it by the Republic of China (in a very precarious state at that point).

A map showing the fighting between the Qing army and the revolutionary army. We all know the outcome of the revolution by now. At the time, however, it was far from certain. More than 10 uprisings had been organized before then, and all of them failed.

If I were there at the time, would I have had the courage to stand on the side of the revolution, knowing that it was very likely to fail?

Do I have the courage to stand on the side of the oppressed, who are by definition out of power, now? What would God want me to do?


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