Thursday, October 29, 2009

A little street intrigue

A man and a young woman stood in front of a hairsalon. The man seems to be in his 30s. He is not tall, but well-built, in a black T-shirt that is much too tight, making him look very muscular. The woman seem really young, probably in her late teens or early 20s. She is wearing a very tight, short skirt. She keeps on tugging on the hem of her skirt. If she does not want people to see what the skirt obviously does not cover, why does she not wear a longer one?

The man tells the young woman to go home first, then enters the salon. The young woman walks away to the left of the salon, but turns her head backwards every few steps. She walks to the end of the street, crosses, and then turns right. She keeps turning her head, and looks in the direction of the salon. Is she watching to see whether the man is following her?

She gets to the end of the block, and turns left. She can no longer see the salon. But she slows down and keeps turning her head to look backwards. She stops before getting to the end of the block. She seems to be talking on the phone; but, to whom? The man in the salon? Or someone else?

She turns around, and walks back to the corner. She does not turn the corner, but pokes her head out to peek. After about the third peek, a young man appears around the corner. Not the man in the too-tight black T-shirt. But a skinny young man in a loose-fitting white T-shirt. They continue to walk together, away from the salon.


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