Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Education - Why?

Why do bureaucrats with no obvious expertise in education dictate to parents in what language the students must learn?

Why do bureaucrats with no obvious expertise in education dictate to teachers and headmasters how the schools should be run?

Why do the bureaucrats try to take the control of schools away from the largest groups with proven commitment and expertise in education?

Why do the teachers refuse to take proficiency tests on the subjects that they teach?

Why do we not try harder to attract and train good people to be teachers if we really think education is so important?

Why do the bureaucrats in charge of our local public schools not send their children to the local public schools if the schools are so good?

Why do the parents allow their children to watch inane television programs when they know full well that the programs are making their children silly?

Why do the parents not read themselves while they are asking their children to read?

Why do we insist on testing rote learning when we know full well students who regurgitate well are not necessarily learning?

Why do the bureaucrats allocate school places by lottery instead of merit?

Why do we not allocate university places by lottery since we do that with primary and secondary schools?

Why do professors teaching in local universities not send their children to local universities?

[photo: Students seem to find computational clothing fun.]

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