Monday, February 15, 2010

Who donates blood?

Just before Chinese New Year, I made a trip to the Blood Center in Central to donate blood. The center in Mongkok is closer, but they are always crowded. Once I had to wait for an hour. In Central, usually I don’t have to wait at all. Why is there such a big difference in the number of donors at the two centers?

Is it simply because there are proportionally more people in Mongkok? Perhaps people in Central are just too busy? I do notice that there appears to be very few blood donors who are very well-dressed, obviously business types. Most of them seem to be just common folks. Rarely have I seen business suits, shiny dress shoes, or high heels. Even at the center in Central.

Perhaps business people are just too busy to spare the time? Too worried about any possible adverse effects to take the risk? Too keen on money-making and self-advancement to care?

Selfish people would simply not care. But I have many caring and civic-minded friends who have never given. I know some of their reasons and will try to address them when there is time.

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