Sunday, February 14, 2010

年宵 Service

Went to Victoria Park to see some of my students yesterday, the last day of the year of the ox. They set up a stall there as a community service project. They made some small gadgets to sell, to raise funds for some charity.

They also share the stall with several primary and secondary schools in the past week. Each school was allotted a period of time, during which the school can sell their own goods, to raise funds for a charity of their own choice. It is a lot of work, and the students make no money. But they learn how to run a small business, learn how to sell, and have a lot of fun. A form 4 girl told me she discovered there were more children during the day, but more youths in courtship in the evenings. The children and the young lovers have different interests and different products sell better to each market. They seem to consider this a very good way to spend their holiday.

I cannot claim too much credit for this project, beyond giving it encouragement and spiritual support. But the colleagues, particularly E and V, who worked very hard to set this up deserve a lot of applause. Well done!

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