Monday, March 29, 2010

Ching Ming (Qingming Jie 清明節)

One week before Ching Ming Festival, and it was already very crowded at Chai Wan (柴灣) Cemetery on Sunday. We went there quite early, around 9 o’clock in the morning. It still took our taxi almost half an hour to go from Hang Fa Chuen MTR station to go up to the second columbarium in the cemetery. With most of the time spent between going from the first (the big round tower in the middle of the photograph) and the second one in the middle level of the the cemetery. Our destination was actually the third, which is at the highest level. But the road has been blocked beyond the second columbarium.

A lot of people ended up walking up the mountain, which is quite a long and steep climb. For the elderly like my aunt and my mother, it is impossible.

The view from the top levels of the cemetery, however, is spectacular. The graves face the north and north-east. The columbarium at the top is clean and airy. One can look across the harbour towards the general direction of Tseung Kwan O (將軍澳). The elevation is so high that one overlooks the buildings in Chai Wan.

Except one row of wall-like buildings right on the waterfront, which are taller than all other buildings by a big margin. Hence blocking everyone’s view, including those graves on the top of the mountain. They belong to one of those real estate developers of which Hong Kong is famous (or infamous) of.

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