Friday, March 26, 2010

Early morning in Hung Hom

It was not yet seven o’clock in the morning. These people at the grocery store were already busy laying out the vegetables. There is something about the wet market that attracts me, particularly in the morning. Perhaps it is because I often went with my mother to the wet market when I was small. Perhaps it is the freshness of the produce, the store, and the people. Perhaps it is the simple pride in starting to work while others are still getting up.

Just opposite the grocery store, other early risers are having breakfast in an old fashioned “ice chamber” (冰室), which has really evolved into a “cha chaan teng” (茶餐廳).

Inside a fast food restaurant, a brother and a sister are having breakfast, with no adults in view. They are not an isolated case. There are lots of parents who are just too busy, to take their very young children to school, or even to have breakfast with them.

Around the corner, it is Hong Kong style cardboard recycling in action.

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