Wednesday, March 03, 2010

People of Santiago

We encountered a lot of interesting people in Chile. On the first evening, we heard these young people singing at the top of the hill of Santa Lucia.

This man, and many others, were praying in a church in front of a statue of Mary.

We walked past a small square with a number of bookshops on the way to the conference. These young ladies were playing dress-up at an exhibition.

This man sold us a cup of freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice.

This mall was run by a group of Chinese from Wanzhou. They bought the mall, and rent the ground level to Chileans. The upper level were shops run by Chinese selling clothing, shoes and other manufactured goods from mainland China.

Near the Chinese mall, there was some sort of a media event with lots of onlookers, reporters, and police in riot gear. Some say the gear of the riot police evoke memories of those teenage mutant ninja turtles.

Just before leaving Santiago, we saw these young men playing soccer in a park.

The Chileans seem fun-loving, friendly, casual, and care-free. I hope they are all OK.

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