Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ai Weiwei (艾未未) March

The protest march for Ai Weiwei’s freedom was one of the most colourful and entertaining that I have participated in.  The drums were most effective and should be a must in a protest march.  They were really great for creating, carrying, and spreading  the mood of the crowd.  There were also people playing flutes and other musical instruments.  A girl was chanting Ai’s name from a loudspeaker hauntingly throughout the march.   Leading the protest was a 草泥馬。

I am not an artist and know little about his art.  But I admire his courage to speak up against injustice, taking on great risks to his art, business, and person.  In a society where justice is not upheld, people who want to live like a true human being have to have the courage to take a stand, otherwise we are condemned to live like cowards.  If we do not speak up when people like Ai are suppressed, who is going to speak up for us when it is our turn?   



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