Sunday, April 17, 2011

Heaven and mustard seed - and us

My wife and I came home after our fellowship meeting last evening with a group of college-age youths on a high.  We started with Bible study on the Parable of the Mustard Seed.  Initially we were discussing the expected questions such as why Jesus liked to teach with parables, why he compared the kingdom of heaven with a tiny seed rather than a big elegant tree, why Jesus came as a humble carpenter’s son rather than a majestic prince, etc. 

But what about ourselves?  What does this parable has to do with us?  Is there something that we can use in our lives?  The kingdom of God refers to His dominion, the community of people who recognize and believe in God.  It can also refer to God’s place in our lives.  Then we got into a spirited discussion on what we want to do with our lives, and what the most important thing in life is. 

Someone mentioned that (true life) case of a very very rich and famous man (in Hong Kong) who was willing to trade 99% of his wealth for another 30 years of life.  Because he felt he could make even more money than what he has already made!   Is that it?  Is the purpose of life just to make more and more money?  If money is not the ultimate objective, is it wrong to want to make money?  To be successful?

We noticed how keen and engaged these young people were, in discussing and exploring these questions.  They are at the age when they are thinking about what to study, where to study, what to choose as a career, whether they should switch from one thing to another.  Some are encountering obstacles and they are pondering what they should do.  We try to help them find they way in life while keeping their sight on God.  They are at the beginning of their lives; there are lots of opportunities but also challenges.  It is exciting to be part it. 


Martin said...

Stephen, I think the smallest seed, the simplest form of an idea can grow into something we cannot predict and even imagine…It can give us a notion of religion and eventually become our faith in the future. And I believe that faith is going to define us and we will act according to that belief.

StephenC said...

You are quite right. Our faith may start small, but eventually it is going to define us. In fact, everyone has some kind of faith. The question is whether our faith is in the right place. It is going to be tragic if our faith is misplaced. On the other hand, faith in the right place can be tremendously fulfilling.

Anonymous said...

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