Friday, April 29, 2011

A Minibus Driver who says "You are welcome (唔駛唔該)"

I felt something was odd soon after getting on a minibus on route 26 at the Hung Hom KCR Station.  When the minibus pulled out of the station to merge into traffic, I was surprised that I did not feel the expected sudden acceleration.  When the minibus stopped at the junction of Austin Road and Chatham Road, the minibus braked so smoothly that the passengers did not get thrown forward.  This is unusual, I thought. 

As soon as the minibus crossed Chatham Road, one of the passengers requested to get off at the next stop, “唔該前面有落 (Please, I wish to get off at the next stop.)”.  The driver responded with “唔駛唔該 (You are welcome.)”.  I was so shocked that I almost fell off my seat - I have never had such a careful and courteous driver on a minibus. 

When I told this story at the dinner table, my wife confirmed that she had also had a similar experience recently, on the same route.  So this driver was not just a ghost, that I did not just dream this up. 

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