Thursday, May 12, 2011

Find the iChameleon at CHI 2011

We are attending the International Conference on Computer Human Interface (CHI 2011) at Vancouver.  We are demonstrating our iChameleon software framework that supports the rapid development of multi-modal interfaces.  Using our software, one can easily link up a wide variety of gadgets and devices to control programs running in computers.  For example, one can use Nintendo WiiMotes, Apple iPhones, verbal commands, hand gestures, eye tracking devices, multi-touch tables, etc., to control Paint, Google Earth, Bing Maps, robots, or any other program running in a computer. 

Many people have visited our booth. Our two students, who did the bulk of the work, have also done an excellent job demonstrating the system.  CHI is a huge conference attended by 2,500+ people.  There are fascinating inventions, researches, and case studies that inspire.  A wonderful experience. 

Can you find the iChameleon? It is the green lizard near the bottom of the first photograph.

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