Sunday, May 29, 2011

Taxi Lilies

A week ago I got in a taxi in Hung Hom and found that the driver had a bunch of white lilies on his dash board.  It was quite refreshing and we started talking.  He told me that if he kept changing the water he could keep the lilies for a week.  Not a bad investment, I think.  He had to sit in his taxi all day, and it helped to have something nice to look at, and to smell. 

We went on to talk about paintings (he started it).  And how he got to like Picasso, how he discovered that Picasso did not use straight lines, that all his lines were curves or crooked, ...  (Actually I wasn’t sure what he was talking about.)

Anyway, there was a surreal feeling about all that.  Normally taxi drivers talk about the (bad) government, bad drivers, the weather, housing prices, etc.  This one was certainly different, and a welcome break.  The world would be a more interesting place if there were more people like that. 


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