Sunday, May 22, 2011

Salute to a mother

I am often late, not for appointments, but in remembering important dates such as Mother’ Day.  On Mother’s Day this year, I was flying out for a conference, and later to meet my wife for our eldest daughter’s graduation.  I actually thought my daughter’s commencement, which was one week after Mother’s Day, would happen on Mother’s Day.  It was my wife who corrected me of that mistake.

My wife is very smart and decisive.  I started graduate school before her but she got her PhD before I did.  But she gave up a promising career in cancer research when our second daughter was born, to stay home to raise our children. 

She continued to teach university level courses part-time and developed a very popular method to tutor young students in English and science, creating a sizable following.  She is also very active and well respected in our church as well as a number of NGOs.  She is passionate in promoting a deeper understanding of the relationship between faith and science.  Sometimes she seems busier than I am. 

Yet, on my daughter’s graduation, watching our daughter fly all over campus and then ascend the podium to receive her diploma from one of the most prestigious universities in her chosen field, I was reminded more of her mother’s love and dedication to our family, our children.   

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