Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Angry HongKonger Game

How about this as a game?  The player, an Angry HongKonger (AngrH), throws things at targets.  There are several types of targets. 

Greedy Real Estate Developers (GREDs) float across the screen brandishing prices for apartments: “7 million dollars”, “9 million dollars”, etc.  The AngrH can throw “bricks” at the GREDs.  If a brick hits, the GRED’s wealth is cut by a million dollars.  If the GRED floats across the screen successfully without being hit, his wealth increases by 100 million dollars.  If his wealth becomes zero the GRED is bankrupt.

Incompetent Government Officials (InGOs) likewise float across the screen, mouthing inane slogans: “let us build 9 floor village houses”, “the URD is doing a bad job ... OOPS, sorry, that is my own department”, ...  The AngrH can throw “protests” against the InGO.  A successful hit drops the rank of the InGO by one.  A successful escape raises the rank of the InGO by one.   The InGO with the lowest rank is fired.

Lazy Functional Constituency Legislators (LaFCLs) float across the screen dozing off.  The AngrH can throw “NO” ballots against the LaFCL.  A successful hit lowers the LaCFL’s level by one.  A successful escape raises the level of the LaFCL by one.  If the level becomes zero the LaCFL is out of a job.

Dishonest Supermarket Owners (DiSOs) likewise float across the screen quoting wildly fluctuating prices: “120 dollars for a chicken”, “30 dollars for a dozen eggs”, ...   AngrH throws “price checks” against the DiSO.  A hit penalizes the DiSO for $10,000.  A successful escape earns the DiSO $100,000.

Now what I need is a good artist to create some cute icons for the AngrH, GRED, InGO, LaFCL, DiSO, ...


Anonymous said...

But the sad facts are that

1)neither the lowest scoring InGO nor the lowest scoring LaFCL ever gets fired;

2)the GREDs and DiSOs are the same people, and 100 million dollars' fine doesn't make a dent on them.

StephenC said...

Agree. That's why it is a game. It does not reflect reality. Merely a hope, a vision. But if enough people want it to happen, it will.

bella said...

nice post .... :)

StephenC said...

Thanks. Would you like to help to write the program? To design the icons? :-)

Anonymous said...

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