Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Congee Inflation

When I went to my neighbourhood congee shop in Hung Hom on the second day of 2012, the price list looked different.  

I happened to have taken a photograph of the price list two days ago, on the last day of 2011.  I had wanted to compare the prices with that of my wife’s favourite congee shop in Jordan.  Lo and behold, the price of most items had increased by 1 dollar.

艇仔粥 went from $12 to $13.   牛腸 (牛肉腸粉, rice noodle roll filled with beef) went from $11 to $12.  油炸鬼 (油條, fried bread stick) went from $5 to $6.  The cost of my favourite big breakfast had gone up from $28 to $31 in 2 days!

Most of the time, actually, I would be less extravagant and order only  艇仔粥 and 油炸鬼, which would cost me seventeen dollars.  Now, it would be nineteen, practically a whole twenty dollar bill without change. 

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