Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Government for the rich - proof

Two days ago, a pro-Communist legislator, Mr. Chung 鍾樹根, gave an amazing demonstration of how our government serves the rich.  He said, as reported in multiple newspapers: 我依家知道王維基點解會衰咗喇,原來做個新電視台infrastructure(基建)都要60億,王維基嗰幾十億身家,收皮啦肯定!」 His words translate roughly as:  “I know now why Ricky Wong failed.  One needs 6 billion just to construct a building for a TV station.  Ricky Wong only has several billion in total. He should close up shop.” His actual words were much crasser, making use of expressions from illegal gambling dens - but I do not want to translate them exactly that way.

With these words, one needs no further proof that our government is there to serve the rich.  Even if you have several billion, you still do not qualify to be served.  What hope is there for the rest of us?  

Stranger still is that Mr. Chung belongs to a pro-Communist party ostensibly representing the masses. 

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