Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Government For The Rich

Rarely does a government admit that it serves the rich.  Even though most of them actually do (serve the rich), they would still claim that they serve the people instead.  Our Hong Kong government, however, tells the truth in this particular instance (of the bungled free TV licensing) - that it is there to serve the rich.  

It did not use exactly these words.  But it did say that HKTV was not given the license because it is not as rich as the other two applicants.  It does not matter whether HKTV is more creative, whether it has invested more money, whether it has built a stronger team, whether it has demonstrated the ability to produce better programs.  Our government is saying: if you are richer than the other person, then we are at your service; the other issues are not as important.   

Perhaps our government should be commended for being honest, just this once.  

It is equally ironic that the pro-Communists support a government that declares itself in support of the rich.  Isn’t the Communists supposed to lead the poor exploited workers against the rich capitalists that exploit them?  Perhaps the Communists have lost their way?  Or they are really only interested in grabbing power, any way they can, in the first place? 

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