Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ping Che (坪輋) Hike (2)

There were many more interesting sights along the route.  In Sheung Shui we went to visit Liu Man Shek Tong (ancestral house) - 廖萬石堂.  Along with the usual implements, there were many plaques commemorating various prominent members of the Liu clan throughout the past several hundred years. One of them in particular caught our attention.  It commemorated a Mr. Liu who graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor’s Degree with Second Class (Upper) Honors!  Obviously there were much fewer of them in 1961!

Just before we started climbing up Wa Shan, we encountered this truly “exclusive” parking space outside one of the villages. We wondered how the owner was going to get it off the parking space. 

From a great distance, throughout the trail snaking along the hill tops, we could see an ugly landfill between Ta Kwu Ling (打鼓嶺) and Sha Tau Kok (沙頭角).  That’s probably the infamous North East New Territories (NENT) Landfill, or Ta Kwu King Landfill, where waste was reported to be leaking into nearby rivers recently.   

There were many butterflies, and caterpillars along the way.  This train of 7 caterpillars can be beautiful, or revolting - depending on the observer.  I think they were rather beautiful - from a distance.  


YTSL said...

I think that caterpillar photo is wonderful -- especially when enlarged! :)

StephenC said...

Glad you like it. I quite enjoy it myself.