Friday, February 28, 2014

Freedom of Speech threatened?

Kevin Lau Chun-to (劉進圖) a well-known editor of a respectable, relatively independent newspaper, Ming Pao (明報), was savagely chopped.  His two attackers have not been found. 

Shih Wing-ching (施永青), founder of the free, relatively independent newspaper AM730, was attacked in July 2013. Fortunately, he was able to escape from harm.  Mainland-linked companies have been said to be pulling advertisement from AM730. His tow attackers have not been found. 

Albert Ho Chun-yan (何俊仁), a law maker of the Democratic Party, was beaten several years ago in 2006.  He suffered only minor injuries.  His attackers were caught, but the mastermind(s) have not been found. 

Albert Cheng King-hon (鄭經翰), an outspoken talk-show host, was savagely chopped in an attack in 1998.  His attackers have not been found. 

Li Wai-ling (李慧玲), an outspoken and popular talk-show host, was recently fired by Commercial Radio. 

Jimmy Lai Chee-ying (黎智英), owner of Apple Daily, was threatened in 2013.  Some one tried to set fire to the office of Apply Daily in 2013. 

Each of these may be an isolated incident.  Put together, however, it is difficult not to get a feeling that the freedom of speech in Hong Kong is under serious threat. 

Note: Back in 1967, during the Cultural Revolution-linked riots, Lam Pun (林彬) an out-spoken radio commentator fiercely critical of the leftists, was burned to death.  It was widely believed to have been ordered by the communist leaders, although neither the attackers nor the mastermind(s) were ever found. 

Observation: Since 1997, the victims in such attacks seems to have always been independent or pro-democracy. Never pro-establishment or pro-Communist.  Is it simply a coincidence?  I believe not. 


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