Saturday, February 15, 2014

The firing of LI Wai Ling (李慧玲)

A well-known and popular host of phone-in programs on Commercial Radio (商業電台) was fired several days ago, on 12 February, 2014.  Commercial Radio did not give the reason for the firing.  Li has been a harsh critic of the government, and she believes that Commercial Radio is bowing to pressure from the government.  Commercial Radio and the  government (of course) both deny the allegation.  

Li has been a very popular host for many years, since joining Commercial Radio in 2004.  Her phone-in programs have been attracting a lot of listeners, and drawing in a lot of advertising revenue.  Why would a company fire an employee who is one of their major drawing cards?  Other than political pressure, there are no obvious explanations so far. 

The message seems clear: If you criticise the government too harshly, you are going to lose your job. It indeed looks like a bleak day for freedom of speech in Hong Kong.

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nulle said...

actually radio license for Commerical Radio (and other TV/radio stations) were due to renewal in 2015-2016...the gov't threatened to NOT RENEW if LI Wai Ling is not fired.

unfortunately, it makes the HK gov't and the CCP looks like a joke.