Wednesday, February 26, 2014


When my daughter A started giving me books to read, I was intrigued - she was reading these interesting books that I have never heard of.  Increasingly, I am proud that my little girl is growing up to be an independent, resourceful reader.  Some of her books do not appeal particularly to me, but many of them do.  There is at least one thing that my wife and I did right as parents - encouraging our daughters to read.  

Soon after each of them were born, we would start reading to them.  Then we read with them.  I suspect part of it was simply that they enjoy doing things with us, and my wife and I really enjoy reading.   Soon they were able to read by themselves, and we continued to read alongside them.  Then they started buying their own books.  Now we are reading some of their books.  Sometimes they read our books as well.  

I do not know how much credit we can claim - regarding their interest in reading.  I would like to think that we did contribute to it.  

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