Sunday, April 13, 2014

Caste Peak Road (青山公路) Run

I found out this morning it is 15 kilometres from Tsuen Wan (荃灣) West MTR station to Gold Coast in Tuen Mun, along Castle Peak Road. 

It is not a bad route to run.  I basically ran along the sidewalk along Castle Peak Road, with the sun in my back, and the sea to my left.  Across the waters, you can see Tsing Yi (青衣), Ting Kau Bridge (汀九), Tsing Ma Bridge (青馬大橋), Ma Wan (馬灣), Kap Shui Mun Bridge (汲水門大橋) and then Lantau (大嶼山).  There was some traffic between Tsuen Wan and Shum Cheng; even then it was not heavy.  Beyond Shum Cheng there were few cars.  Same with pedestrians and runners. There were even a few dogs, clearly pampered ones.  

What were these Star Ferries doing there.  It seemed they were just moored there.  Were they taking a break?  Or is that how they retire?

You can swim in the shadow of the Ting Kau (汀九) Bridge.  But I understand the current can be swift, and the water may not be very clean, even though it looks nicely green.  

You can have roasted goose at Shum Cheng (深井) if you wish.  

You can watch giant container ships trying to squeeze under the TsingMa Bridge. 

Ma Wan, in the distance, used to be an isolated island.  People used to take the ferry at piers such as this, to get over there at Tsing Lung Tau (青龍頭) to get to Ma Wan.  Or to rent a boat here to go fishing in the waters between Lantau and Tuen Mun.  My father took me fishing and we caught some pretty big ones, perch, yellow croaker, …, using finger-size life shrimp as bait.  It is much harder now.  Much of the fish are gone. 

There is a big prison at Tai Lam (大欖).  Set in the green mountain, under the bright sun and clear skies, It looks almost idyllic.  But the inmates probably do not think so. 

At Gold Coast (黃金海岸), one can catch a glimpse of Harrow International School Hong Kong.  I heard some parents are willing to sacrifice a daughter to send a son there.  Perhaps it is just a rumour.  I have no independent validation.  

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